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have mercy on me
I like to close my eyes & think of you
10.19.08 (UTC)
Hey you finally use this name ^^
The same layout huh?
Umm why am i thinking that they were doing ballet? lol
10.19.08 (UTC)
yeah, everyone was saying that I should use this one.

Haha yeah maybe I'll change it but I like this layout alot so

It looks like that huh haha
Well batmans pulling the joker off the table and going to push him aganist the wall...then beat him up.....and it gets really, really hot...^____^

10.19.08 (UTC)
I change my layout few times lately, i'm getting bored easily xDD

Haha you like the beating huh? Naughty girl *tsktsk*
For me Joker looks more attracting than batman when i saw the movies.Idk why but i love everytime he licks his mouth xDD
10.19.08 (UTC)
yeah I wanna but I'm so fucking busy lately :/

Didn't you!?!? It was so hot and intese! The sexual tension was so thick!! XDD
omg'! I know!! Heath is such a sexy man! I'm so sad he's gone ;~; he was an amazing actor but so is christen bale
10.19.08 (UTC)
Get some fun then! or u'll be stressed out easily >.<

Yeshh it WAS! I cant get my eyes away from him lol
Yeah to have such charismatic man gone away...
I heard johnny depp was refusing to play here for respecting Heath. I'm touching bcoz of that :'D
10.19.08 (UTC)
10.19.08 (UTC)
hahaha!! I know! I love thatpic!
10.19.08 (UTC)
YOU. GIRL. I added you, so move your ass and add me back. (joking XD;;)
Hachiko <3
10.19.08 (UTC)
10.20.08 (UTC)
MAAAAAM? XD *dies*
10.21.08 (UTC)
yessssssummmm xD
10.19.08 (UTC)
i is commenting~ just because i can and i love you <3
10.19.08 (UTC)
Oh well I like that reason~~ *kisses*
I loves you too babbyyyy
10.19.08 (UTC)
Hey! Cool fo banner
10.19.08 (UTC)
hehe thank you :3
Batman+joker=love xD
10.19.08 (UTC)
11.16.08 (UTC)

i know we didn't converse a lot, but i'd like to change that. would you like to be friends again? :D

i'll promise to comment more on your journal. i was mia off of lj for a while, and when i tried to give your old account a gift, i found out you moved here. xD
11.17.08 (UTC)
oh of course~! I would love to be friends again lol
I'll add ya back right now~

Haha yeah I changed, I needed a new name and all.
But I'm glad ya found me!
11.30.08 (UTC)
What's ghetto as hell, a caramel complexion, and loves calling asian rockstars nigga?


its me kaysi >D
11.30.08 (UTC)


I MISS YOU ~~~~!!! XD
05.04.09 (UTC)
hey! it's animeny! i just got a new lj and this is it! :3 you should add me at this one and unadd animeny please bby <3 ty
05.05.09 (UTC)
of course my dear!!!! will do right away~! <3333
09.15.09 (UTC) - Hi from Naboo fan
Hey there, fellow Naboo Boosh fan here. Any luck finding fic? Surprising dirth of Naboofic out there it seems.
09.16.09 (UTC) - Re: Hi from Naboo fan
No I haven't yet. I'm so pissed. Poor Nabooooo!
If I could write, I would but I can only roleplay- not like write, write. if that makes sense
I'm really surprised theres not any. I mean even a Mike fanfiction would do but no dice so far. :(
09.16.09 (UTC) - Re: Hi from Naboo fan
09.21.09 (UTC) - Re: Hi from Naboo fan
awesome! thank you very much! :)
10.01.09 (UTC) - Re: Hi from Naboo fan
Hey, I just wrote a new Naboo-centric fic. Lots of Naboo peril, hurt/comfort, and even a nice fat dose of Bondage!Naboo.

The Hitcher: Foiled Again!
It's Naboo's turn to be in need of rescue when The Hitcher gets hold of The Amulet again.

Couple of F-bombs, no other warnings.

09.24.10 (UTC)
OMG you have an apollo/midnighter icon LMAO, ALSO Is it bad that I've listened to garbage and inconvenient ideal nonstop for the past two days? I hope not ._.

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